“Over 60% of the total Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation has not left its wallet in more than a year, highlighting the demand among investors for Crypto Tools to activate dormant assets”.

About us

DigitalBliz LTD is a FinTech company founded in London on March 2018. The Group provides FinTech products and services through the London Headquarters and its two subsidiaries: DigitalBliz Technologies LTD, a Dubai based and DIFC regulated company, and DigitalBliz Switzerland, the Swiss branch of DigitalBliz London.

The aim of DigitalBliz LTD is to provide the most reliable updated tool set dedicated To specialists in Crypto-Assets: DigitalBliz 4Trade, a totally automated arbitrage trading bot, DigitalBliz Deep4, a deep Crypto- Exchanges Explorer, and the mobile App Deep4C.


Crypto Arbitrage?

• Arbitrage is the process of taking advantage of inefficiencies in markets. In the case of cryptocurrencies, this can occur as the price of assets fluctuates over time.

•The arbitrage opportunity for any market is calculated by identifying the overlap between the highest bid prices and the lowest ask prices. When the bid price on one exchange is higher than the ask price on another exchange for a cryptocurrency, this is an arbitrage opportunity.

• Performing Crypto Arbitrage manually is quite impossible, you need a specific Digital Platform.


3 Easy Steps to get up and running

1 Connect Your Exchanges

Plug in your Exchanges by entering your API, through an encrypted slot in AWS Secret Manager. No one in DigitalBliz can reach, in any way, your wallets or your confidential informations (Secret Key, password and other codes).

2 Select the Preferred Strategy

You can make your own strategy and asset allocation: BOT, Coins, Fiat, Exchanges, Minimum net Spread, Amounts per Trade and much more.

3 Don’t change your daily activities

DigitalBliz 4Trade works in background, using sleeping bulks. You can keep on trading in the traditional way, free at any point to withdraw, deposit, trade, or temporarily pause the BOT.

We make your dormant assets productive

4Trade is an automatic Bot Platform powered by precise and freshly harvested data, gathered form the selected Exchanges and updated every second.
The data, processed by a proprietary algorithm, automatically highlight the most convenient Exchange to buy and sell the selected coin.
Once the Bot is activated with the desired features (coin bases, minimum spread, coins and exchanges white-list), it goes live performing a non-stop 24/7 Crypto-Arbitrage.

4Trade is continuously processing thousands of market pairs, 24/7.

4Trade how does it work

4Trade is using two different automatic BOT:


Performs instant buying and selling of the same coin on two different exchanges.


Works on multiple assets pairs, generating profit from the subsequent trading on several pairs (example: from EUR, to BTC, to ETH and back to EUR)

Exclusive and intuitive platform

Through a 2FA security log-in page you can gain access to an exclusive and private User Dashboard.

Connect in total safety your Crypto Wallets to start Automated Arbitrage.

You can bespoke your strategy and change it as you wish.

Is arbitrage profitable?

Number of Opportunities by AVG% NET SPREAD in 60 days.

Official performance test

We performed and official test to certify the potential of 4Trade.

The test has been supervised and certified by an external Crypto equity found, fully authorized in Europe, ConsulCoin SA.

• Test length: 8 weeks

• Both tools involved: Oscillator and Triangulator



• 4 different market strategies tested

More than 200 transactions, 100% positive, no loss, 0,25% average net profit.

Strategy only Bases 18% yearly net profit forecast

Strategy Bases and All Coins 15% yearly net profit forecast

Strategy Bases and a selected Coins 28% yearly net profit forecast

Strategy Bases with Fiat Asset concentration 20% yearly net profit forecast

*Backtesting projections are calculated on the opportunities’ database acquired and recorded by 4Trade’s Data Gathering.
From January to April has been taken in consideration a normalized data.


Best score on “Penetration and Vulnerability Hacking test” performed by an official AWS licensed Company.

The whole Infrastructure works on dedicated Amazon AWS Server and Amazon Web services.


Official Tests confirm the incredible performance of 4Trade Platform: hundreds of trades, fully positive with an average spread net of +0,25% on each trade.


• No one in DigitalBliz can reach, in any way, your wallets or your confidential informations (Secret Key,password and other codes).
• The Customer controls his own strategy and assets allocation: BOT, Coins, Fiat, Exchanges, Minimum net Spread, Amounts per Trade and much more



1. Completely customizable and embeddable in customer’s technology

2. Secures end users’ loyalty through customade features

3. Eases access to crypto markets for beginners

4. Increases customers’ investing options with innovative and secure fintech solutions

5. Generates profit from crypto assets holdings

6. Makes profits in any market condition, including sharp prices falls and pump and dump

7. Allows pioneers users to secure a dominant and unbeatable position in the market

8. Operates in sync with other trading platforms and bot

9. It is fully automated, running 24/7

10. Totally customizable and scalable

11. Gives option to add financial indexes and predictive tools

12. Gives access to the most complete existing exchanges and tokens data gathering

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